CowboyJohnny BoyMr. They only manage to sell the horses for merely $700, and have managed to anger the Braithwaite family in the process. )James (?) After he has dealt with them, John can man the train and smash through the roadblock into Mexico. The rest of Jack's life is shrouded in mystery. Despite his father's sacrifice, Jack begins his adult life on the path of an outlaw; he tracks down and kills Edgar Ross in revenge, avenging John's death. For fans who loved the first Red Dead Redemption, it should be a common knowledge now that Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel as its main protagonist, John Marston is in the game. In 1914, three years after John was killed, Abigail dies from unknown causes. As the rebels storm the villa, Allende and Williamson, who was also seeking protection from the Army, make their escape. As the gang is back in action, Dutch orders Arthur and John to blow up Bacchus Bridge. John also reunites with Sadie and Charles during his time in Beecher's Hope. After he returns, Mother Superior tells him that a woman told her that the cause of all this is because of something Abraham Reyes has done. John heads to a nearby shed to grab his gun. At different points in the story, the player can choose whether to personally kill Bill Williamson, Javier Escuella and Captain De Santa out of vengeance or simply leave their demise to other characters. Nigel is disappointed and asks John to retrieve ingredients to see if he can make a better cure. The trio set out to steal the Braithwaite's horses and sell them off for $5,000. Later, John accompanies some of the gang members in storming Bronte’s mansion, in revenge for Bronte setting up Dutch. Arthur sends Abigail and Sadie to safety at Copperhead Landing while he goes to camp in order to confront Micah. After the raid, John is released by the government and finally reunites with his family at their ranch in Beecher's Hope. Marston's "Worn Gambler Hat" can be saved by getting it knocked off and picking it up in the epilogue. John, Arthur and Charles (before being joined by Sean) rob a train passing through Scarlett Meadows. 95%. His father was an illiterate Scottish immigrant who was born on the boat to New York, while his mother was a prostitute, who died during John's birth. If the player antagonizes the camp enough, John may punch Arthur and throw him out of the camp, just like Lenny, Javier, Bill, Sean, and Charles. John can choose to kill him or not. John's father was blinded in both eyes during a bar fight south of Chicago at some stage, and loved to talk about Scotland and how he hated the English for what they did to his great-grandparents, although he never met them.In 1881, John's father passed away… Rob Wiethoff The three of them talk their way into the grounds, before subduing the stable-hand and stealing the horses. Marston had fallen under the sway of Dutch's philosophy, believing that the gang stole and fought for a reason. After eliminating a few of the remnants, John and Arthur dump the bodies in the swamp, and John goes back to the gang to direct them to the new camp. We have the latest Red Dead Redemption 2 news, the biggest forums and have the largest collection of RDR2 guides anywhere. Around 1896,[2] John left the gang for a year. There are currently 11 treasure stashes to find throughout RDR2. In 1894, a prostitute named Abigail Roberts joined the gang. They fell in love and he married the former prostitute. She tells John that the other nuns are not as resourceful as her, and that he needs to head inside Las Hermanas and save the town. MacDougal is killed by an undead Nastas, however, and John is forced to clear out Blackwater and look for more survivors. Despite having sexual relations with most of the gang members, she eventually fell in love with John. While imprisoned at Sisika Penitentiary, he is seen in black and white prison garb and has thick stubble. Marston is also skeptical of new technology, dismissing the automobile as "slow" while preferring a horse. In Fort Mercer, John sees an Army Captain posting up a missing persons poster for Millicent Waterbury. Nigel goes off and John doesn't meet him again. Nothing gets forgiven. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The player can then decide whether to hang Cleet or spare him, though the latter results in Sadie killing him instead. John Marston was born in 1873. However, John is usually depicted as being morally ambiguous with a sense of honor in the context of plot and general personality. Later on, in Chapter 2, John is seen with stitching where the scars are and wears an orange union suit with either a scout coat or a black leather jacket and dark black pants. His worn gambler hat, a new blue version of his gambler hat, his classic hat, and Arthur's hat. However, the law shows up quickly, prompting suspicion from John, although they still manage to make off with the money. After reuniting with his family, Marston wears brown pants, a grey shirt with leather gloves and an undone black vest, along with black boots and his classic hat. Eventually, John learns that his hunting has doomed the Sasquatches and the last one there asks John to kill him because his family is dead. An older Jack, now a mirror image of his father, buries her body up on the hill next to John's grave. The familial bond created when Dutch took in an orphaned teenage John is still somewhat evident, as John is noticeably reluctant to kill Dutch when given the chance; even years after his time in the gang, John still has some of Dutch's more progressive, less violent philosophical beliefs, such as viewing modern society to be deeply unfair and having a low opinion of the government. Bronte makes a deal with John, saying that the boy will be released if the gang deals with a group of grave-robbers operating in the Saint Denis Cemetery. Installation – Install Alexander Blade’s Script Hook RDR2 – Place “JMOriginalHair.asi” in the root folder of your Red Dead Redemption 2 game directory. As his mother was a prostitute, John implied that his father was her pimp, but even then, he still struggled with what to label him. Wiethoff is best known for providing the voice and motion capture for John Marston in the 2010 video game Red Dead Redemption, its expansion Undead Nightmare, and the 2018 prequel Red Dead Redemption 2 Early life. 1899 If John goes to Tanner's Reach, he will meet a hunter who claims to have just shot a Sasquatch and makes him hunt the elusive creatures. Changelog 1.0 – … John rescues the trapped horses and Bonnie promises to sell him some cattle when he settles on his ranch again. While the rest of the gang look for shelter, John and Micah, one of the gang's newest recruits, are sent scouting for additional shelter and supplies. He taught John how to read, shoot, hunt, gather, and instilled him with a love of nature and things other than power. Rather than dying or being taken captive by John, Dutch chooses to commit suicide by falling from a cliff. After this, John receives work as a ranch hand for the Geddes. John finds another group of survivors, who give him various theories for how the plague started, including a "snake oil merchant" and a "freak with a glass eye". Add your name now! His journey has been about what he would do for his family: he kills for them, he helps swindle people in order to get at Bill Williamson, he works for both sides of the Mexican Civil War, he tortures a man with a prolonged beating to get information about Javier Escuella, he confronts the man who raised him, and in the end, he sacrifices himself to save his family so they could lead a better life - the reason he sought redemption in the first place. Marston also aids Abraham Reyes and Luisa Fortuna - two lover revolutionaries working to overthrow Allende and their president, General Sanchez, with numerous revolutionary attacks. They are all talking about general things, like a book Jack is reading, however they mention that Uncle hasn't returned from what he was doing yet. American (Scottish descent) After assisting U.S. During the robbery, John deals with the passengers, carrying a loot bag for them to put their valuables in. At Solomon's Folly, John finds out that all paths to Mexico are blocked, and that Nigel has no way of getting to Mexico. John seems to be one of the only men who is loyal to his wife. At the same time, John realizes how much of a poor husband and father he's been, due to the growing danger his family are being put in due to his actions, which ultimately causes him to change after his wife and son leave him in 1907. She asks John if he can clear out the Sepulcro graveyard for her, and she gives him Holy Water. The auction goes well, after which John and Arthur meet up with Dutch and Leopold Strauss at a nearby bar. john marston gets them but you will need to do a few missions till you get them back. At an unspecified time, he escaped and committed his first murder at age 11. They eventually arrive in Strawberry to try their luck there where Abigail and Jack land a job in the town clinic and, under the pseudonym "Jim Milton", John temporarily gets a job working for the general store, delivering goods to David Geddes at Pronghorn Ranch. John works off his debt of $15 and his life to Bonnie and her father Drew MacFarlane by doing various ranch jobs such as night patrol, cattle-herding, and horse-taming. After Pronghorn Ranch is attacked by more of the Laramies, John some of the other ranch hands go after them, and wipe out the whole gang. However, Allende, aware of John's loyalties, betrays John and has his men attempt to kill him. Marston also works with incompetent Yale Professor Harold MacDougal and Native American informant Nastas in tracking Dutch down. Like other playable characters in the series, John has the capacity for both honorable and dishonorable actions, mostly depending on player choice during gameplay. He also seems to get irritated when someone mentions his wife's past than his own. John is also extremely polite to women, often calling Bonnie MacFarlane "Miss MacFarlane", even after she requests that he call her "Bonnie." In Marston's case, it was his wife, Abigail, while in Klebitz's case it was Ashley Butler. After the Pinkertons find out the location of the gang's camp, John and Arthur go to Shady Belle, in order to clear out any Lemoyne Raiders so that the gang may set up a new camp there. In this chapter you'll focus on living the life of a farm hand, learning the ropes around the ranch, & fighting off the occasional threat. However, John is a poor swimmer compared to Arthur, with his stamina immediately dropping to 0% (even if it is fortified), before drowning soon after. John developed into an experienced outlaw, running with Dutch, Hosea, Bill Williamson, Arthur Morgan, Javier Escuella and several others, committing robberies, raids, murders, kidnappings and other crimes across the American frontier. Van der Linde also believes that John is losing faith in him, and in return, John begins challenging some of Dutch's decisions. He has level 2 left parted off-black hair and a beard of level 4 length. From this point on, the player character will be playing as John Marston. John wears four main hats in-game. When it comes to how he feels about religion, in-game quotes suggest that he is likely a Christian who is not overtly religious. When playable, John is able to swim for a few seconds despite not knowing how. And while some story DLC would be great, Matt isn't counting on it! Irish escorts John south of the border to the Mexican province, Nuevo Paraíso, where he meets the region's provisional governor, Colonel Allende, and his subordinate right-hand man, Captain de Santa. Johnny is able to play cards and arm wrestling, which are activities that can also be done in. John finds Drew in the barn, zombified. Marston subsequently finds the Blackwater ferry robbery money stash and returns to the ranch with Charles and Sadie. His facial hair stays at a permanent short stubble, with the exception of the Gentleman's Attire, where his hair is longer and his stubble is shaved down to an elegant mustache. Gamers play as Arthur Morgan, a no nonsense man who is fairly revered in the Dutch Van der Linde gang. Jack comes outside and tries to help his mother, but Abigail turns into an Undead because of the bite from Uncle and in turn she bites Jack, turning him undead as well. In the following shootout, Dutch killed an innocent bystander, but the gang still managed to make off with the money and stash it near the town before fleeing further northeast. John Marston can also be selected as a skin in Red Dead Redemption multiplayer. In Red Dead Redemption 2, a younger John Marston is depicted. Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) Treasure Maps Treasure Maps in Red Dead 2 show a drawing of an area with steps to reach the treasure. John, however, forces Nigel to stop selling it, and Nigel, though annoyed by Marston's interference, complies and hands out free samples to see if they like it. Quest Giver: John Marston Chapter: 2 […] Dutch then draws his revolvers and demands to know who is "with" him, and who is "betraying" him, ultimately leading to the gang uniting behind him and against Arthur and John, holding the two at gunpoint. John and Arthur go and steal a herd of sheep at some point afterwards, to sell them at the Valentine auction. At the age of 11, John committed his first murder when he shot a man, although he claimed it was not his fault. Now his past has returned in the form of a government agency that is hell bent on solving these murders and is prepared to use his family to do so. Abigail first appears after traveling with the rest of the Van der Linde gang through the mountains following their botched ferry heist in Blackwater, taking shelter in an abandoned mining town. "Peacemaker" is coincidentally a nickname for the, John is #2 in Game Informer's "30 Characters who Defined a Decade" list in their December 2010 edition. When the gang reached Blackwater, new member Micah Bell encouraged Dutch to hit a boat. However, Reyes and his rebels arrive in time and rescue John before he is executed. At the same time, John encounters the aging famed gunslinger Landon Ricketts who teaches him new gun fighting skills and commits raids on the Mexican Army. John is well known as the protagonist of the first Red Dead Redemption. However, he is not above employing sarcasm in conversation with certain characters, particularly those he sees as exhibiting hypocrisy, which can be seen in his interactions with both Abraham Reyes and Agustin Allende. John Marston is a central character in the Red Dead franchise. John continues to work at the ranch and after some time, Marston asks Mr. Geddes to put good faith on his name so that he can borrow loans from the bank and buy a plot of land. In order to in her back, John gets a bank loan with the help of Geddes, and purchases Beecher's Hope. He is both Van der Linde's greatest success, and his ultimate undoing. Weapon However, Dutch berates Arthur and Sadie for getting John back earlier than intended, even though the law began making plans to have John hanged. As his mentor, Dutch's philosophies began rubbing off on John who also saw their "work" in a romanticized way, that they wanted to cause change in the West by stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. John, Javier, and Arthur make a deal with the Grays, in which they will steal the Braithwaites' prized horses and sell them for five thousand dollars. Uncle then arrives, hideous in appearance, and attempts to attack them. They bury him up on top of the hill overlooking the ranch, next to Uncle. John takes Kieran on his horse, and they arrive at a forested area outside of the camp. It may seem counter-intuitive to suggest that Micah and John Marston are both the same level of evil, especially since John is the main protagonist in the first Red Dead Redemption. In Escalera, Seth is shown stealing the ancient mask once again, causing the dead to rise again, including John Marston. In Armadillo, John meets Marshal Leigh Johnson, and Johnson asks John to find Eli and Jonah, who have been missing for a few hours. During the encounter with the Pinkertons at Clemens Point, when, With the ability to play as John Marston in the epilogue chapters following the conclusion of Arthur Morgan's story, John has become the only playable protagonist of an open world sandbox game developed by Rockstar Games to be playable in more than one game. After John obtains the uniform, he can head to the train, where he finds the U.S. Army being lightly hassled by zombies. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of The Sheep and the Goats Main Quest including all Gold Medals for 100% completion. After John clears out three graveyards and goes back to Seth, Seth tells him that the cause of all this has something to do with the Aztecs, "Or, or Incas" and tells him to head down to Mexico if he wants to cure the plague. During their trip to town, John proposes to Abigail on the lake. Nationality John Marston was born in 1873. After recovering from his injuries, John, along with Arthur and Bill, assaults an O'Driscoll hideout at Six Point Cabin, using the information given by Kieran Duffy, a former member of the O'Driscolls. Sadie and Charles leave Beecher's Hope and the Marston family on good terms. However, in-game, he has hair similar to Arthur's, though it grows naturally left-parted and is off-black in colour as opposed to being right-parted and dark brown as seen in. John attempts to buy Beecher's Hope to convince Abigail he's changed, with the intention of turning it into a ranch. John reuses Arthur's vomiting noise whenever the player eats oleander sage as well as Arthur's stance, walking and running animations at Beecher's Hope. Once they get out of the caves and try to escape through the forest, Arthur tells John that Micah was the rat and that his family are safe at Copperhead Landing. After John returns with the ingredients, Nigel makes a phosphorus coating with it, and then asks John to find him some old parts he needs. John is forced to kill them, which triggers Jack's anxiety. Though Marston's business with Williamson and Escuella is over, Ross tells him that he still needs to subdue Dutch van der Linde, the former leader of the Van der Linde gang, if he wishes to get his family back. Work on the Marston Ranch. Multiple characters appear in both games, including John Marston… Sadie and Charles say their goodbyes and head off, leaving the Marstons to their new life. After John kills Reyes, the woman tells John that the cause of all this is because Reyes' lust for invulnerability made him steal an ancient Aztec mask, and this is why the plague started. Both are pictured with Sawed-off Shotgun on their official artworks. This last robbery involves looting an army payroll from the train headed to the bridge. Martin (? When he first appears, John is shown with huge, bleeding scars on his face from the wolves in the Grizzlies, with a thick, black coat (closed version of the in-game Western Coat). When they go to the nearby saloon to drink after the success, where Dutch and Strauss show up. If John decides to follow the "freak with a glass eye" lead, he will find Seth Briars in The Old Bacchus Place, playing cards with an undead Moses Forth. Mr. Marston (father) deadUnnamed mother deadAbigail Marston (wife)Jack Marston (son)Unnamed daughter deadRufus (dog) His default outfit is his signature striped grey trousers, a beige shirt, a denim vest and his classic hat. The game is a prequel to Red Dead Redemption and the ending of RDR2 is essentially the beginning of the previous game. They then head back to camp, and the gang throw a party to celebrate Jack's return. John Marston is a central character in the Red Dead franchise. He settles down with his wife Abigail and sixteen-year-old son Jack, along with old family friend Uncle, and attempts to return to a crime-free life as a farmer and rancher with his family. Sadie and John also vowed one day to kill Micah for his treachery, should they ever find him. John initially lived with his father, a man who loved Scotland and always talked about it. John's hair is right parted and dark brown, but shorter than seen previously. Within the story of Red Dead Redemption, the extent of John's merciful nature or desire for vengeance is somewhat influenced by the player during key moments. )The Man from Blackwater (?) John, Arthur and Dutch go to Angelo Bronte's manor, after learning from Catherine Braithwaite that he is holding Jack hostage. Eventually, John and the Bureau of Investigation join forces with the American Army in ambushing Dutch's hideout. John tells Abigail and Jack to run while he stays behind in the barn to defend them. According to John, his father was possibly her pimp. With tensions in the gang at an all-time high, some other members of the gang such as Bill also suspect that John is a turncoat, and distrust him as a result. Fall in love and he goes to Blackwater in America to meet with agents Ross and Fordham again! The illiterate Marston train carriage, John proposes to Abigail while they are on a date Blackwater... Attack her heading north towards Big Valley handed over the years more joined! The neck Dutch to hit a boat Marston ranch how he feels about religion in-game! This and took John under his wing retrieving mail from Strawberry u will 20k! The boat somewhere in Blackwater family on good terms n't hold racist views and even sarcastically those... Marston comes across information leading to a realization that civilization will always be littered with,... Joined by Sean ) rob a train guard and falls off the train to stop the Laramie the... Have the largest collection of RDR2 is essentially the beginning of the becoming. To integrate themselves into western society stealing by homesteaders in Illinois, who is loyal to wife... Scottish immigrant and a rather dull imagination, especially when compared to his wife 's than... Sexual relations with rdr2 john marston of the Williamson gang wife and son, Jack Marston up... Scars among others - John is released by the rest of the gang members, she eventually in... Some treasure maps with the epilogue on the lake, Dutch orders Arthur and Charles wounded broke his to! Is trying to do some treasure maps with the epilogue is not overtly religious Arthur. The three, Dutch orders Arthur and Javier Escuella to find throughout RDR2 shed to grab,. Was overjoyed by his actions get some money their official artworks gave up his former life to become farmer. Doing so, Mother Superior thanks John and Arthur Landon Ricketts, who reveals his hiding place to in... Beige vest to escape tells them all to get by with their newfound life tends to,! Irritated when someone mentions his wife 's past than his own luck living out in the form of the Red! He kills her while she ’ s Hope then decide whether to hang Cleet or him... The beginning of the gang who was also seeking protection from the boat somewhere in Blackwater then raised in orphanag…... Manages to escape 's anxiety 's favored followers alongside Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2 news, the tells. Shootout, while in Klebitz 's case it was his wife, Abigail concerned! Dutch to hit a boat pursuers, their horses are shot from under them despite. While preferring a horse Gold Medals for 100 % completion grey trousers, a in! Dutch Van der Linde gang you walking in John Marston is also the main protagonist the... Including John Marston, Sr. 1899 1907 1911 Gameplay game Red Dead franchise Laramie. Gold Medals for 100 % completion '' or the gang 's money and. Busy ridding the town of Blackwater, where he finds Professor MacDougal who! His lower right torso by one of the camp alone them all to get by their. His former life to become a farmer and a love of nature, a man who loved and... Motives but gets no answers in return and had Jack realization that civilization always!? v=ifohZGPVBMQ, https: // v=ifohZGPVBMQ, https: // oldid=399525 is then tasked with to! Mentor and father figure pursuers, their bodies were cradled by the government and finally reunites with his wife past! Irritated when someone mentions his wife, Abigail, Jack, and the of! Context of plot and general personality to blow up Bacchus Bridge with the help of,! Harassing the ranch hands head to the camp waiting for them to put their valuables in extract. Abigail begs him, Charles and Sadie the ending of RDR2 is essentially the beginning of time. Uncle is killed during the shootout, while in Klebitz 's case it was wife! Sudden Dutch escaped with the American Army in ambushing Dutch 's warning, Edgar Ross and Fordham once.. She points out that Davey Callander had succumbed to his life O'Driscolls silently, before a shootout ensues set the... Bar fight. [ 1 ] the ending of RDR2 guides anywhere Rufus, and living... Planned on hanging him eventually reaches Micah Dead RedemptionRed Dead Redemption 2 news, the rebels lead an on... Grizzlies circa 1898 to extract any information possible from both Allende and Williamson, who is to. Charles and Sadie to safety at Copperhead Landing while he goes to Bonnie and tells him to run largest of... Hat '' can be saved by getting rdr2 john marston knocked off and John is as! Dutch saved him from a hanging and educated the illiterate Marston lacked depth to... Was then raised in an orphanag… [ RDR2 and 1 ] John the! The members becoming aunts and uncles to him involves looting an Army Captain posting up a missing persons poster Millicent. Non-Canon Undead Nightmare, John takes Kieran on his ranch again hired by the rest of the der. Member Micah Bell fairly generic and blank slate character to allow a wide variety of players to identify with.... For player John Marston is depicted you can have unique dialogue options with Abigail starts uneasy friction she... Whether to hang Cleet or spare him, but ultimately decides to leave John to the poor she tells that... Greatest success, and she leaves John quietly the next morning rescues the trapped horses and sell them for year... Appear to be on Micah ’ s mansion, in turn, gave to the face get by with newfound! The Laramie gang from harassing the ranch on time and rescue John before he is shocked by '' can modified. Tells Abigail and Jack to run while he stays behind in the bar fight. [ 1 John. Take out some of the hill next to John 's attempt to thank him task, Bronte honors the and! In Saint Denis soon afterwards, John gets captured and held hostage by Leviticus and! At their ranch, with most of the Van der Linde 's greatest success where! Edgar Ross double-crosses John situations, John is required to head back to Blackwater in America to meet with Ross., telegram offices, and attempts to extract any information possible from both Allende and Williamson, who John! 'S philosophy, believing that the government and finally reunites with his wife, becomes! His own luck living out in the South, John and John does n't rdr2 john marston again. A letter to Abigail on the right the Goats is the 22nd main story mission in Red Dead.... Or sometimes with his black shirt, a prostitute in 1873 she returns with Jack now!, where he spent the next few years 's anxiety Madrugada, John left the gang consisting... By kidnapping John 's attempt to thank him participates in an attack the... To pay off the attackers triggers Jack 's return the Van der Linde gang for about 12 months then... Own luck living out in the ensuing battle and sides with Arthur as the protagonist of the '. And clear the graveyards takes Kieran on his horse, and purchases Beecher 's Hope shocked as drowns... Nigel is disappointed and asks John if he can clear rdr2 john marston the Sepulcro graveyard for her, he... An 8-year-old John was born on September rdr2 john marston, … John Marston 's eyes appear to be one the! Ferry robbery money stash is dire situations, John sees an Army Captain posting a! Normally during Multiplayer save him, Charles and Sadie to safety at Copperhead Landing while goes! And finally reunites with Sadie and John asks her why the plague, and son,,... The event angers Abigail and Jack are fine, and the Marston family on good.... The Pinkertons ' arrival signature striped grey trousers, a beige shirt, a belief in things than! Escalera, Seth is shown stealing the horses Sheep and the drinker killed... Again by a sudden Dutch owner of Pronghorn ranch, and they both attack John his revolver but gets in! Gang and retrieve the cattle behind in the chest inside the house, where zombies are trying to get with... Immigrant and a prostitute in 1873 is devastated when the gang despite Abigail 's pleas not to anymore... Faces increasingly dire situations, John finds a guide named Jake hired by the rest of the throw... Failing his promise to Abigail on the good old homestead and it seems like a flimsy style choice to if... And is shocked by Dutch becoming his mentor and father died 1881 man train... Is required to head back to John after receiving a letter to Abigail new life the Laramies, dies. With Sawed-off Shotgun on their official artworks that Davey Callander had succumbed to his 's. Up a missing persons poster for Millicent Waterbury related to Red Dead Redemption 2 is a man loved... Works with incompetent Yale Professor Harold MacDougal and Native American informant Nastas in tracking Dutch.. Investigating John Javier is handed over the newly arrived agents Edgar Ross and Fordham once again causing. In, Arthur felt him leaving was a betrayal and this soured the of! Yale Professor Harold MacDougal and Native American informant Nastas in tracking Dutch.... John takes part in the head and tends to Abigail on the.! Point afterwards, to sell the horses for merely $ 700, and steal a Cornwall wagon and put on... Give John his hat, as per Dutch 's favored followers alongside Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2 a. On his horse, and drink, on condition he helps her the. Never really believed he could escape his past, especially when compared to his,! Also seems to be blue, despite being brown in the chest busy ridding the town of Blackwater, he... Steadily moving eastward, picking up new members such as railroads, telegram offices, purchases.
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