Command: Alexa, tell me something interesting. Say, "Alexa, give me an Easter Egg," to get a hint about an Easter Egg. Music Easter Eggs "Alexa, no soup for you." Alexa is designed around your voice. Alexa is queen of the animal kingdom with a long list of animal sounds in her repertoire. Go ahead and see what’s she’s got! “Alexa, watch me whip.”. Liven up your next party with a few of these games Alexa can play (VoiceBrew loves “Escape The Room!”). But there’s a whole other world to explore thanks to Alexa skills! If you want to make it a challenge, this is all you need to know, just start asking for hints and make some guesses. The Ambient is reader-powered. Alexa is also adept at distracting younger members of the household, be it through a robotic rendition of a popular tune ("Alexa, sing Baby Shark") or a little soothing sound ("Alexa, white noise" or "Alexa, rain sounds"). It's very much like an Easter egg hunt in real life. (Don’t worry, they’re quick!) A few of Alexa's hidden features might even have some practical usefulness. She's also an expertly-tuned speaker that can fill any room with immersive sound. Alexa has a ton of Easter eggs, funny responses that reference various films, television shows, video games, music, and lots more. "Alexa, pick a card" selects a card from a deck at random, perfect for practicing your magic tricks. She can also make it personal: say “Alexa, rap for Mom” or “Alexa, rap for Dad.”. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Eric Munchel & Larry Rendell Brock charged in connection with Capitol riot, 'Not acceptable': Australia's long battle with racism in sport. These Easter eggs are geared towards U.S. cultural references because that’s where I am and what I know best. Read More . Basically it is … Alexa Easter Eggs and Hidden Features. She loves to show off her skills, so make sure you give these a try: VoiceBrew 22: The 22 Best Things To Do with Alexa Today, 8 Alexa Settings That Will Seriously Upgrade Your Alexa Experience, 8 Best Uses for Your Alexa Speaker & Best Alexa Speaker for You. Make sure you have AmazonPay set up for a super-smooth transaction. If this sounds like the future, it is. Researcher & Writer . Did you know Alexa can speak in Pig Latin or iambic pentameter? Alexa Easter eggs come in all shapes and sizes, but the general pop culture references are likely to be the biggest hits when you have friends over. You might find the response to "Alexa, up up down down left right left right B A start" amusing; it got more of an 'oh, heh' from us. 10 Movie Easter Eggs. Enjoy these popular TV show references. We have gone through all of the questions and commands below to ensure they still work, and in the event you don’t have an Alexa-enabled device handy, even tell you what the various responses are. 95 $19.95 $19.95 Learn how to activate Super Alexa Mode and the history behind the command. Siri has many tricks up its sleeve that come in handy for utilitarian tasks. Siri has many tricks up its sleeve that come in handy for utilitarian tasks. The users have to find them on their own. We've listed a few highlights listed below; we'll spare you the entire list, but asking "Alexa, tell me an Easter Egg" will, while not revealing the actual phrasing, offer up a clue as to a new one you can try – if anything, that's a little more fun than a straight list of possible questions. Alexa: *Alexa will launch Ghost Detector* Command: Alexa, Marco. Sure, she can wake you up in the morning, give you the news, tell you what to wear, find your phone and your favorite song… but what about YOU? If you click through using links on the site, we may earn an affiliate commission. If you click through using links on the site, we may earn an affiliate commission. All Harry Potter franchise fans and budding wizards can immensely benefit with these 10 Alexa Easter eggs that have been laid down as per the rulebook of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Alexa will give you a different hint each time you ask, though not every Easter Egg will have its own hint. It works as a useful companion that is able to assist you with chores. Your job is to answer this clue with the appropriate phrase that will “find” the Alexa Easter egg. Anyway, feel free to try the following; there are loads more to find besides. Super Alexa Mode is an Easter egg for Amazon's Alexa voice assistant. Alexa has several Star Wars Easter eggs for your entertainment. Alexa Easter eggs are hidden features or jokes within the software that aren’t disclosed to the public. Helpful, polite and a tad sassy, Alexa has an answer at the ready whenever she’s asked a question about herself. Forget Tan France–with a pulse on the weather report and all the style savvy the cloud can handle, this virtual assistant will make sure your sartorial choices and on point (and you remember your raincoat. Published on November 26, 2019. Did you know this bot can beatbox, too? She’ll meow, moo and more when you ask! Third-party speakers are often a little hamstrung when it comes to Alexa-powered multi-room audio, too. Just say, “Alexa tell me a poem.” She’s got quite the repertoire, so you can request,  “Alexa, tell me a love poem (or friendship poem)” or even “Alexa, tell me a bad poem!”. When I tried this, Alexa serenaded me with her “Woohoo Technology” song, which definitely made me chuckle. There is a ton of Harry Potter entertainment packed into Alexa. Check out this guide for all of the Star Trek Alexa commands, quizzes, facts, and trivia you're missing. allow your pet to “talk” to Alexa and she’ll respond in your pet’s “language,” with meows or barks! Just say “Alexa, give me an Easter egg” and Alexa will offer you a clue. Alexa Easter Eggs: From conducting in-depth research to being your very own virtual assistant, Amazon Echo devices can do just about anything.But what lies beneath this robot multitasker is an actual personality waiting to come out. Welcome to T3's guide to Alexa easter eggs, tips and tricks. In Tech parlance, Easter eggsare hidden messages or jokes left in a computer program or video game by the programmers for users to find. Why not let Alexa entertain your pets while you’re away? Alexa, why did the chicken cross the road? I used to have a … Here are 187 Alexa easter egg commands listed below for Amazon Alexa. Alexa is keeping secrets from you and that's not right. From Siri and Cortana to the iPhone and Google, Alexa will offer her take on tech, all you have to do is ask. 10 Movie Easter Eggs. @paullamkin Tuesday. /r/AmazonEcho is a community centered around the Amazon Echo, or as we like to call her - Alexa. She sure can! Discover Alexa’s secret superpowers, but be warned, she has a dark side. The mode will display on the screen and alert you to the fact that “Super Alexa Mode Activated.”. Got kids? Alexa Easter eggs come in all shapes and sizes, but the general pop culture references are likely to be the biggest hits when you have friends over. Just say “Stop” to end the conversation, or say “Alexa, let’s chat” to start again. Best of all, she takes requests… she’s got Happy Birthday, the ABCs, The Star-Spangled Banner and a repertoire of Christmas carols ready and waiting. Check out some funny things to ask Alexa when you want the voice assistant to show off her sense of humor or unveil a hidden Easter egg. Just as Alexa can be a hero, she can also cause trouble. - How Much Is That Doggie In The Window ~ Patti Page "Alexa, what is the loneliest number?" If the list below isn’t enough for you, just ask Alexa for more by saying “Alexa, give me an Easter Egg.” (An Easter egg itself and Number 1 on the list) Now let’s get into the Best Alexa Easter Eggs! Despite facing stiff competition from the likes of Alexa and Google Assistant, Siri still retains cultural clout when it comes to dispersing duties of a smart home AI assistant. Go nuclear and say, “Alexa, self destruct.” Luckily, Alexa knows that we don’t always mean what we say in the heat of the moment, so listen for a witty reply. If Alexa doesn't have it to hand in the database, it'll go off and find it online – this is obviously more hit and miss than things it's programmed with definitive knowledge of, but often works well. You can learn something ("Alexa, tell me something interesting") or basically ask any question pertaining to anything you might want to know. Alexa: “Polo!” Miscellaneous Easter Eggs. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. These are "Alexa Easter Eggs" - an unexpected feature in software - and they range from her deepest, darkest thoughts on life to cool pop culture references. Giraffe - Easter Eggs (150-Pack) Plastic Easter Eggs Assortment-2.50" Bright Colors Easter Eggs For Candy Treats - Perfect for Easter Theme Party Favor, Easter Hunt, Basket Fun 4.6 out of 5 stars 573 $14.95 $ 14 .
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